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Ben Gets a New Baby (First Experiences Series)

When Ben's parents tell him they're going to have a baby, Ben isn't happy! He thinks a baby will be ..


Chuggington Mini Paperback: Koko and the Squirrels

KOKO AND THE SQUIRRELS CHUGGINGTON Mini Paperback Series Story, stickers and make your own chugger! ..


Maisy's favourite clothes

What will maisy wear today? Will she wear her party dress or put on her red wellies?Maisy loves dres..


The Little Red Train: The Runaway Train

Oh no! Duffy has forgotten to put on the brake and the Little Red Train has set off down the track w..


Catch Me If You Can (Picture Flats)

its no fun being a small fish who cannot swim like the other fish. When Terence tries to impress Dad..


Wait for Me, Little Tiger!

Little Tiger has to take his little sister with him when he goes to play with his friends. "Wait for..


Hungry Harry

Harry frog cant wait to catch his very own dinner, but finding something to eatis not easy as Harry ..


The Hungry Otter

One snowy day, a hungry otter goes out to look for food by the river, and finds the water covered by..



All is quiteon the farm- until Dog start to SNORE! While he snores noisily through the night, the ot..


The Flight from Farthing Wood

This picture book, first published in 1988, tells the story of the animals' journey from Farthing Wo..


Spot's Tummy Ache

Spot is feeling unwell. Luckily, he foes not feel ill for very long. When he hears his friends playi..


Mummy, Do You Love Me?

Sometimes Little Chick is naughty and sometimes Little Chick is sad. But no matter what he says or d..


Little Lost Lamb

Little Lamb loves cuddling his soft and warm mum. But with a skippety-hop and a snoisy splash, Littl..


Doctor Pig/Finley Pig (Picture Book)

Finley pig is happy wallowingin the mud. Life could not be betterBut when Agatha chicken accuses him..


No Trouble At All

When Grandfather bear has his two little grandchildren to stay he is sure that they are going to be ..


Please don't Chat To The Bus Driver (Bloomsbury Paperbacks)

The bus is late, the queues are long, all the animals are waiting, some more patiently than others. ..


My Secret Brother

A small boy doesn't think much of his baby sister, she can't walk, talk or play and nobody seems to ..