A Visit from the Goon Squad captures the moment where lives interact, and where fortunes e..
A husband, security, a home, children- what's wrong with all that?' At eighteen years old, beautiful..
Flora Thompson's immortal trilogy containing Lark Rise. Over To Candleford and Candleford Green. IS ..
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"Literary critics make natural detectives," says Maud Bailey, heroine of a mystery where the clues l..
A young woman's dream, an old man's gift, and the surprises that await us behind every closed door. ..
1919. The eyes of the world are on Paris, where statesmen, diplomats and politicians have gathered t..
#1 New York Times bestseller John Grisham's next Theo Boone novel, now in paperback! ..
After decades in the spotlight as an Oscar-winning film star and famous beauty, Vivienne Winter is o..
Early one morning among the magnificent honey-coloured buildings of the Sorbonne, the tranquillity o..
It’s night, and I’m in a strange house. The lights are on, and and I’m standing outside a half-..
A riding holiday in the States should be the perfect vacation for Izzy Paterson and Kate Hardy. But ..
To the south lies Mexico. To the north you can see the flat plains and snow tipped peaks of the Pata..
When Ben's parents tell him they're going to have a baby, Ben isn't happy! He thinks a baby will be ..
KOKO AND THE SQUIRRELS CHUGGINGTON Mini Paperback Series Story, stickers and make your own chugger! ..
An exciting approach to the teaching of reading designed for parents to usewith young children...
The Little Red Train is flying along the track at a tremendous speed: Duffy MUST get passengers and ..
Cambridge Reading is a major new reading scheme providing stimulating books and support materials fo..
Cranky hates Salty's stories. Then, he accidentally traps Salty, Billand Ben at the docksand after a..