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Disney Level 3 for Boys - Toy Story Rex Tries to Juggle

When Rex juggles MR Potato Head's ears and nose out of the window, will anyone be able to come up wi..


The X-Men Schoolx-Men Reader Level 3 (DK Readers: Level 4)

This reader brings the world of mutants to life and enables you to meet your favourite X-Men charact..


Walt Disney's The Fox and the Hound

One spring morning a mother fox dashed through a meadow carrying her baby. A hunterand his dogs were..


A Cowardly Bat , A Donkey and a Foolish Wolf & A Crow that was Tricked

Three StoriesA Cowardly BatA Donkey and a Foolish Wolf A Crow that was TrickedThe characters in Aeso..


Disney Frozen Padded Classic Hardcover

When the majestic kingdom of Arendelle becomes trapped in an eternal winter, it's up to Anna to save..


Cinderella Hardcover

Cinderella is doomed to live unhappily ever after with her wicked stepmother and spiteful sisters un..


Little Red Riding Hood - Delightful Key Classics

Today's young listeners will truly be enchanted by this version of the Brothers Grimm classic, set i..


Hushabye Lily

"What's that quacking sound I can hear?" asks Lily. "Shhh!" says Mother Rabbit. "It's only the ducks..


Magical Tales for Young Readers

Open the pages of this enchanting collection of short stories and meet all sorts of colourful charac..

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Small Florence, Piggy Pop Star!

Small Florence has big dreams of becoming a piggy pop star. But when she tries to sing in front of h..


Crafty Little Freddie

Freddie Fox goes to every length to avoid catching his supper. "You're too crafty for your own good,..


Tiny Rannosaurus

Many, many years ago when fierce dinosaurs ruled the earth, the fiercest dinosaur of all was... TINY..


Charm Book - Ballerina Bella and the Lucky Locket

Bella is an excitable little girl with a big imagination. She takes up ballet lessons and although s..


Thomas Easy-to-read Treasury

This storybook based on the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine is designed for beginner readers. I..


Dora's Eggs

Dora the hen is proud of her first eggs and wants to invite her friends over to admire them. But Pen..


Laura's Secret (Lauras Star)

When Laura and her little brother Tommy make a kite they can't wait to watch it fly as high as the s..


My MR.GREEDY copy colouring Book with colourful stickers!

Colour in your own Mr.Greedy book!Copy the colours on the stickers to bring this classic story to li..


The Naughtiest Ever Fairy

It's the latest naughty adventure with the Naughtiest Ever Fairy, and this time she's feeling lonely..


When the People Are Away

When the humans in their household leave for a week, Magnus and Lulu throw a series of entertainment..


Sams Snowflake

Sam is VERY excited. It’s Christmas Eve and Dad has set off into the forest to fetch a festive surpr..