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Vanilla Beans and Brodo: Real Life in the Hills of Tuscany 

Foreign writers living in Italy frequently treat the local people as an exotic species to provide am..


The Greatest Miracle in the World

The greatest miracle in the world' contains the Memorandum from God to you. A great inspirational wr..


The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable (Incerto #2)

In Black Swan: The Impact of The Highly Improbable, the author projects randomness and uncertainty a..


Queen Camilla (The Queen and I #2)

Queen Camilla is the brilliantly funny sequel to The Queen and I by Sue Townsend. What if being Roya..



What is the relationship of the individual to the state? What is the ideal state, and how can it bri..


Philosophy, a Text with Readings

Combining clear, accessible prose and many primary sources, Velasquez provides a complete introducti..


Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage

This is the story of two unusual people - both intelligent, both determined, but otherwise with very..


My Father's Keeper

There are and always have been ways of escaping one's own past. But there are some who have never ha..


First Light

'An extraordinary, deeply moving and astonishingly evocative story. Reading it, you feel you are in ..


A Little Knowledge: What Archimedes Really Meant and 80 Other Key Ideas Explained

Why did Archimedes jump from his bath and run naked through the streets shouting 'Eureka!'? What is ..