Animal Care And Pets

Animal Care And Pets

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War Horse

The book that inspired Steven Spielberg's Hollywood blockbuster movie and an internationally acclaim..


Water for Elephants

In Depression-era America, everyone’s running away from something. Some people join the circus to es..


Patch the Puppy

Patch the Puppy has been found homeless and taken in by a rescue centre. A good home has been found ..

₹34.00 ₹31.00

Panda Promise Board Book

Make the Panda Promise! A colorful fact filled book, that teaches the importance of being a good ste..

₹99.00 ₹89.00

Owning a pet rabbit

Owning a pet rabbit tells you everything you need to know to know about responsible pet ownership..

₹84.00 ₹76.00


This book explains how a horses' body work and what they behave in a certain way and explores the li..

₹260.00 ₹240.00

Fun Facts About Dogs

Readers will learn all kinds of interesting trivia about their four-footed, furry best friends in th..


Dogs and Puppies (Usborne First Pets Series)

Why do puppies chew things?How do you train your dog to sit?Howdo two dogs say hello?This book is an..



Readers will learn basic facts about dogs, including: what dogs are; where they come from; how big w..


Coco's Story (Battersea Dogs & Cats Home)

Coco, Lily and Tim's little chocolate Labrador from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, has just one thi..


Baby Elephant (What's It Like to Be A Baby Elephant?)

Readers are encouraged to identify with a baby elephant, and to compare it's life with their own, in..

₹129.00 ₹116.00