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A Squash and a Squeeze

In this illustrated rhyme, a little old lady thinks that her house is a squash and a squeeze, but wi..


A Smurfin' Big Adventure (Smurfs)

This Sony Pictures' live action and CGI animation movie has something for all the family. Based on t..


A New House for Eeyore (Winnie-the-Pooh Easy Readers S)

A story adapted from "The House at Pooh Corner", by A.A. Milne. One snowy day, Pooh has an idea. "We..

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A Kitten Called Moonlight

A little girl and her mother rescue a stranded kitten from a rock on the seashore. Each night the li..


A Field Full of Horses (Read and wonder)

Young horse lovers will be entranced and fascinated by an informative picture book that offers inter..

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A Duck So Small

Duffle is sotiny that allthe other ducks laugh at him - "A duckso small can do nothing at all!" they..


A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch

It's Shimmer's eighth hatchday and what better way to celebrate than with the biggest party ever? Bu..

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500 Really Funny Jokes

Want to make your friends giggle and your family laugh until their cheeks hurt?Then you need this bo..


101 Dalmation

Perdita and Pongo are in a spot of trouble! Their fifteen adorable Dalmation Puppies have been dogna..

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101 Dalmatians (Disney Landscape Picture Books)

When some of their puppies go missing, Pongo and Missis suspect the evil Cruella de Vil of stealing ..

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100 Things You Should Know About Endangered Animals (100 Things You Should Know About... S.)

100 things you should know about Endangered Animals explores the plight of some of the most treated ..


"Tweenies": Magic Lamp

The Tweenies decide to stage their own version of "Aladdin and the Lamp". With Judy as their narrato..

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"The Lion King" (Disney Pop Up)

The animals of Pride Rock are delighted when Prince Simba is born. But he must fight to product his ..


"Award book" Stories

Brer Terrapin shows his strengthToad's adventureMr. ToadThe old ragdoll..

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