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Disney Pixar : UP (Read along book)

Carl Fredriksen ties thousands of balloons to his house and floats in to Paradise falls for an adven..


Disney Pixar : Cars (Read along book)

Lightning McQueen accidentally crashes into the sleepy town of Radiator Springs on the way to a race..


Disney Peter Pan Story Book

Join Wendy, John and Michael on an unforgettable adventure as they fly to Never Land with Peter Pan...


Disney Pixar: Toy Story - A toy for Christmas . Finding Nemo : A big blue christmas

A toy for christmasIts the toys' first christmas without Andy, and Woody is not feeling very frstive..


Disney Pixar : Toy story 2 (Read-along book)

Andy is grown up and about to leave home for college. What will become of Buzz, woddy and the other ..


Disney Pixar : Toy story (Read along book)

When new toy Buzz lightyear arrives in Andy's room , Woody feels threatened. Will Buzz and woody eve..

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Disney Pixar : Toy story 2

When woody is toy napped by a greedy collector, Buzz and the rest of the gang must work together to ..


Disney The Lion King: Disney Diecut Classic (Disney Diecut Classics)

When Simba, a lion cub prince is banished from the Pride Lands by his evil Uncle Scar, he thinks tha..


Disney Princess: Sleeping Beauty

Being a princess is hard work - just ask princess Aurora!When royal duties stop her from seeing Prin..


Mr. Majeika and the school book week

Class Three has fun during Book Week, when famous storybook characters suddenly appear! But there's ..


Tweenies- Looking After Doodles (Story Time)

Bella , Milo, Fizz and Jake take it in turns to look after doodles the dog. But they treat him like ..


Rocky Two Shoes (Underground Ernie)

Join Ernie, Millie and the whole gang when Rocky two-shoes and Brooklyn come from the USA for anothe..


Hold on Tight, Stripy Horse!

The heart-warming second picture book story about a soft toy and life in a magical bric a brac shop...


Princess Evie's Ponies: Diamond the Magic Unicorn

Princess Evie is crazy about her ponies. But Princess Evie's ponies aren't like any other ponies - o..


Sparkle Street: Rosa Bloom's Flower Shop

 ROSA BLOOM'S FLOWER SHOP is full of flowers but her order book is fuller still. There's just n..


Caterpillar to Butterfly (LifeCycles)

How does an acorn grow into a tree? What does a baby sea horse eat? Discover the amazing stages of d..


Thomas & Friends: Toby Had a Little Lamb

When Farmer McColl's lambs are starving in the snowy weather, can Toby brave the ice and wind to sav..


Mike the Knight and the Fluttering Favour

Mike and Evie are trying to do good deeds in the village in their quest to win a knightly favour fro..


Fat Alphie in Love

Fat Alphie is down in the dumps. he is in love with Lovely lola, but she just inores him. Even his p..