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Romans (History Makers) New Arrival

Romans (History Makers)

The Romans is packed full of information about the mighiest empire of anicent times, how it gre, flo..


The Hungry Duckling (Little Animal Adventure) New Arrival

The Hungry Duckling (Little Animal Adventure)

Charming stories of little animals growing up introduce children to wildlife and the world..


Complete Book Of The Brain New Arrival

Complete Book Of The Brain

Marvel at the mind-boggling complexity of your brain, more intricate than even the most advanced sup..


Why Did the Angels Sing?: And Other Questions New Arrival

Why Did the Angels Sing?: And Other Questions

suitable for children aged 3-5. Suitable for parents, grandparents, and godparents of young children..


The Rainbow Fish New Arrival

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish is an international best-seller and a modern classic. Eye-catching foil stamping, g..


Angelina Ballerina New Arrival

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina is a pretty little mouse who wants more than anything else to become a ballerina. She dance..


I love you, Daddy New Arrival

I love you, Daddy

Little bear is ready for some grown up adventures - at least, Daddy bear thinks so. But they soon di..


The Little Red Hen New Arrival

The Little Red Hen

The liveliest, brightest introduction for all young children to the most famours favourite and endur..


The Elfree Stories New Arrival

The Elfree Stories

One day, while walking in the woods, the author came upon an elf. He bowed and said his name was Elf..


Why Why Why Did Dinosaurs Lay Eggs?

Why do you ask so many questions? Well if you didn't ask, you would never find out about things. Thi..


The Story of Black Beauty (Picture Books)

When the young horse Black Beauty is sold, he has no idea of the hardships he is about to face. A mo..


Nighty Night!

It's time for bed - but Littlesaurus doesn't want to sleep! A hilarious bedtime tale from the ever-p..


Where is Home, Little Pip?

For Little Pip, the baby penguin, home is a pebbly nest on the cold Antarctic shore. Mum and Dad alw..