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Riding Holiday (Sandy Lane Stables)

A riding holiday in the States should be the perfect vacation for Izzy Paterson and Kate Hardy. But ..


Thomas and Friends: No Sleep for Cranky

Cranky hates Salty's stories. Then, he accidentally traps Salty, Billand Ben at the docksand after a..


The Cavern Of Clues

The fearsome pirate Black Beard has buried his gold, and you have the map that leads the way. If you..


Disney Fairies Tink, North of Never Land

TINK AND TERENCE are best friends. But sometimes Terence, well . . . he gets on Tink's last nerve. S..


Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: I'll Fly Away: Miss Spider And Her Sunny Patch Friends

Go the flying aces! The bugs are dizzy with excitement when the dynamic dragonfly team visit Sunny P..


Miss Dirt the Dustman's Daughter (Happy Families)

Daisy Dirt's dad is a dustman on the dole, but her mum has remarried a Duke and is a filthy rich Duc..


Oxford Illustrated Computer Dictionary (2006 edition)

An essential guide to modern computer terminology and jargon, this dictionary contains hundreds of s..


The Little Red Train: The Runaway Train

Oh no! Duffy has forgotten to put on the brake and the Little Red Train has set off down the track w..


Mr. Majeika and the school book week

Class Three has fun during Book Week, when famous storybook characters suddenly appear! But there's ..


Catch Me If You Can (Picture Flats)

its no fun being a small fish who cannot swim like the other fish. When Terence tries to impress Dad..


The Hungry Otter

One snowy day, a hungry otter goes out to look for food by the river, and finds the water covered by..


Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is found at the station.The Browns first meet Paddington on a railway station – Padd..


The Flight from Farthing Wood

This picture book, first published in 1988, tells the story of the animals' journey from Farthing Wo..


Tweenies- Looking After Doodles (Story Time)

Bella , Milo, Fizz and Jake take it in turns to look after doodles the dog. But they treat him like ..


Rocky Two Shoes (Underground Ernie)

Join Ernie, Millie and the whole gang when Rocky two-shoes and Brooklyn come from the USA for anothe..


Race to the Tower of Power (Backyardigans)

Super villains Pablo and Tyrone plan to use their powers to take over the world! But first they must..


The Tigger Movie: First Storybook (Winnie the Pooh) Disney

Tigger goes in search of his family, but Roo is worried about him. Will he ever see his friend again..


Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Elephant has a Trunk

You see there was a time when Elephant had no nose. He was big and he was clumsy and he was very sme..