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Biggest Bed in the World

Ben's dad wasn't getting much sleep. There were too many children in his bed. Not just Ben, but also..


Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Elephant has a Trunk

You see there was a time when Elephant had no nose. He was big and he was clumsy and he was very sme..


The ugly duckling (First readers)

Enjoy reading these favourite fairy tales together with your child. Shareing the story and the delig..


Baby Talk

  Babies talkin all kinds of ways - and the peole who love them talk back! How do you an y..


Starting school (My first time)

My first time is a new series for young children that thelps them learn about and discuss some of th..


Big Bear, Little Bear

Little Bear longs to be as big and as fast as his mother. In the cold arctic snow, Mother Bear shows..


Snuggle Down Ducklings (Snuggle Up Stories)

This humorous illustrated story involves a family of ducklings and their mother, using rhyme and rep..


Wibbly Pig Likes Bananas

Wibbly Pig has strong ideas of what he does and doesn't like. . . Toddlers and babies will love play..


Hannah Ballerina

Meet the lovable Hannah Ballerina!She is a bit clumsy but not everyone loves her..


Pooh's Bees

A warm and funny little pocketbook featuring Winnie-the-Pooh, some balloons and a swarm of protectiv..


Bunny's playtime

Simple sentence suitable for 4-6 years..


Follow the Line : Busy fingers

Follow the line along the track, Follow the train then follow it backHelp your children to practise ..


Fish Don't Play Ball

Fish don't like blankets. Fish don't like being stroked. Fish don't do juggling either. But worst of..


Tickle - Peekaboo Lift-the-Flap Book (Big Baby Faces Lift the Flap)

Lots of tickles make lots of giggles !Explore the big fold out flaps to find out who is tickling bab..

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Disney : Pooh tells the time

Pooh tells the time is a read with pooh book..


Little Duck Lost

"Not knowing quite where to go , Little Duck turned away from the river and ito a tangle of tall tre..


Dear Zoo (A lift the flap book) (Paperback)

Dear Zoo is twenty-five years old -- and still as popular as ever!And with an updated look, thi..

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Counting Fun with Jess

Postman pat and Jess are delivering the post to Greendale. As they travel around, there are many thi..

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Little Princess (Rhyming story time fun)

Enjoy the perfect happily ever after in this pretty princess book. With a sweet, rhyming story and a..