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Butterfly Fairy's Secret - Fairy Hill

Butterfly Fairy longed to spread her wings in the last of the day's sunshine. "Come on, Lazy bones!"..


Hopping Mad!

Fred has five frogs. Finn has five frogs too. And when ten frogs get together, it's party time. Hopp..


Little Miss Wine O'Clock and Friends: A Very Unofficial Parody

Meet Little Miss Wine O'Clock and her very modern friends in this unofficial parody created just for..


The Bird with Golden Wings

What would you do if a bird with golden wings alighted on your terrace and offered you fabulous rich..


Super Babies! (Dora the Explorer)

Once upon a time there lived twin babies -- a boy and a girl. They were Super Babies! One day, Swipe..


Winnie-the-Pooh: Piglet Meets a Heffalump

When Christopher Robin tells Piglet and Pooh about Heffalumps, they make a cunning trap to catch one..


The Secret Friend: A Panda and Gander Story (Read Me)

Panda feels a little hurt after helping his best friend Gander write a letter to Gander's secret fri..


Marco Magnifico

One rainy Saturday, Mark was watching TV. But then... Read this book to see what happened...



This is the first book in the FUNNYBONES series and introduces the skeletons - a big skeleton, a lit..


Harina and the Doctor Bird (Tales of Harina)

Harina comes home from school very excited about the passport game she was playing. She finds Mummy ..


The House Cat

Tom Cat is disturbed when he is moved along with the family that lived in half of his two-family hom..


Bedtime Stories - Best Ever Three Minute stories

In this collection of warm and wonderful bedtime stories, you can read about a  boy who wants t..


Andrew's Bath

At bathtime, little Andrew finds it difficult to explain to his parents that there is a hippo sittin..



One day Shelley left her cosy bed to find out what winter was like. "Whoever heard of a tortoise out..


A Treasury of Christmas Stories

A Treasury of Christmas Stories is a beautifully illustrated treasury with 18 festive stories, songs..

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Hungry Harry

Harry the frog wants to catch his own dinner, but it isn't nearly as easy as he thinks. All the anim..


Beware of the Bears!

The three bears are furious. Goldilocks has broken into their cottage, ruined their furniture, and e..


Titus's Troublesome Tooth

No Titus's Troublesome Tooth Read a customer review or write one .Titus the Goat has a terrible it's..


The Hare and the Tortoise

This classic fable by Aesop is retold without the moral, especially for young children.Hare is the l..

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In the Beginning - The story of creation

The glorious bible story of creation and how god toiled for six days to make heaven and earth and al..