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Little Duck Lost

"Not knowing quite where to go , Little Duck turned away from the river and ito a tangle of tall tre..


Hello, Little Lion! (Embossed Books)

When Big lion lies down far for an afternoon nap, little lion has other ideas!Thsi heart warming sto..

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Dangerous Games (James Bond, Jr. S.)

James Bond Junior learnt the tricks of the spy trade from his uncle, the legendary secret agent 007...


The Wish Fish (Usborne First Reading)

Bob and Bet catch a magical fish who grants wishes in this amusing story based on a folktale. Part o..


Dora's Search for the Seasons (Dora the Explorer)

Join Dora and Boots as they search the seasons of the year to get Baby Flamingo back with his family..


Doctor Pig/Finley Pig (Picture Book)

Finley pig is happy wallowingin the mud. Life could not be betterBut when Agatha chicken accuses him..


Harold (Thomas Story Library)

Harold the helicopter flies high over the island of Sodor! He thinks he can fly faster than the engi..


The Return of Toad (The Wind in the Willows)

Since its publications in 1908, Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows has enchanted successive g..


Adventures of Puss'n Boots

Jack, the poor miller's son, has only one possession in the whole world - it's a clever cat! Find ou..


Rocky Two Shoes (Underground Ernie)

Can't get enough of Underground Ernie?!Then, jump aboard International Underground in this full colo..


Wombles - Orinoco the Magnificent

Orinoco finds a magic set one day, and suddenly tidying the Common takes just a wave of his hand!..


Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes

Noddy and the Magic BagpipesBLARRRP! From the moment the hears their wild and wonderful music, Noddy..


Cinderella: The Great Mouse Mistake

When Cinderella's mouse friend Gus picks roses from Lady Tremaine's garden for his dear Cinderelly, ..


Twelve Dancing Princesses and Other Princess Stories

Get ready to be swept off your feet by this dazzling collection of princess stories. Full of spectac..


Postman Pat Has the Best Village (The New Adventures of Postman Pat)

Greendale is entering the Best Village Competition and all the villagers are helping to make it look..


Santa's Busy Day

This beautifully illustrated book, with clear, easy to follow text, is sure to enthral young childre..


Snowman's Party

Join snowman as he prepares for christmas party for his friends whlist learning about shapes, colour..


First Fairy Tales: Cinderella

Poor Cinderella. She has to do all the housework while her two ugly sisters go to the ball. If only ..