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Taking Turns, Teletubbies

Taking Turns, TeletubbiesLadybird has been nurturing a love of books for over 70 years. Trusted by p..


Superhero Phonic Readers: Super Robot (Level 8)

Wontoo the Robot works at Speedywheels Factory spraying paint on cars. It is a very boring job. But ..


Storytime for 2 Year Olds

Short stories, poems, catchy verses fro children ages 2 to 6...


Story Time for 1 year olds

Story Time for 1 year olds by Joan Stimson ..


Sticky Paws (Hundred-Acre Adventures)

Join Winnie the Pooh and the gang from the Hundred-Acre Wood in another tale. Pooh has sticky paws b..


Spot's Tummy Ache - Ladybird - eirc hill

Spot has tummy ache and stays in bed. Luckily Spot does not feel poorly for very long and when the s..


Spot's Tummy Ache

Spot is feeling unwell. Luckily, he foes not feel ill for very long. When he hears his friends playi..


Spot's Camping Trip - ladybird

Spots and his friends want to go camping together but it just won't stop raining outside. So the thr..

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Sound and Pictures: Say the 'I' sounds: Say The I Sounds (Sound & Pictures)

Children on the way to reading learn how to sound out the long and short vowel sound 'i' with such w..


Snuggle Down Ducklings (Snuggle Up Stories)

This humorous illustrated story involves a family of ducklings and their mother, using rhyme and rep..


Snow White and Rose Red (Well Loved Tales)

The story of Snow White and Rose Red is one of the lesser-known fairy tales, collected by the Brothe..


Sleep Well, Teletubbies

Sleep Well, TeletubbiesLadybird has been nurturing a love of books for over 70 years. Trusted by par..


Singalong Nuresry rhymes

A good collection of nursery rhymes from ladybird..


Shop Till We Drop

The Creepy Crawlies are four best friends - Lucy the Ladybird, Doug the Slug, Billy the Beetle and I..