Early Skill Building

Early Skill Building

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Where's Woolly? (Cambridge Reading)

Cambridge Reading is a major new reading scheme providing stimulating books and support materials fo..


The Cavern Of Clues

The fearsome pirate Black Beard has buried his gold, and you have the map that leads the way. If you..


Happy Birthday Spongebob

Spongebob is so excited . Its his birthday today! But no one in Bikni Bottom seems to have remembere..


Oxford Illustrated Computer Dictionary (2006 edition)

An essential guide to modern computer terminology and jargon, this dictionary contains hundreds of s..


The elves and the shoemaker (Ladybird)

Age 1+ years A perfect introduction to timeless and treasured stories with amusing pictures and..


From Caterpillar to Butterfly (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)

A caterpillar comes to school in a jar and the class watches the caterpillar each day as it grows an..


Rhythm And Rhyme: Snick-Snack Sniffle-Nose (Rhythm & Rhyme)

Complete with richly rhyming text and alliteration, the story of the snick-snack sniffle-nosed troll..


Busiest People Ever

Take a tour around Busytown and find out what people do all day!Do you know who flies the aeroplane?..


When Dinosaurs Go to School

What happens when dinosaurs go to school? After goodbye hugs and a quick bus ride, they spend the da..


A new house for mouse

How can Mouse fit a huge apple into her tiny home? By finding a new house, of course!Share a story i..


Caterpillar to Butterfly (LifeCycles)

How does an acorn grow into a tree? What does a baby sea horse eat? Discover the amazing stages of d..


Filbert the fly

This book is from Literacy LInks..


One Bear Lost

Ten adorable bears are playing in the forest, and one by one, they all go home until one bear is lef..


Over In The Meadow (Reading Together Level 3)

Reading Together is a learn-to-read series of picture books for young children and parents to enjoy ..


The Giant Postman (I am Reading)

The Giant Postman is scaring everyone in the village until Billy comes up with a brilliant idea. He ..


Peepo! (Picture Puffins)

Peepo! is the much-loved picture book classic by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.Peepo! is a moder..



What are kids like? What do kids do? What's in a kid's pocket ? what do kids dream? All is revealed ..


Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig?

Wibbly Pig is being his usual cheeky self, he doesn't want to go to bed, he's not tired at all! He w..