Home Time -Treasure Hunt-Scott Marketing

Home Time -Treasure Hunt-Scott Marketing

Everyone loves a treasure hunt! You can do it at home, for one child, two, a mixed age group or even a family gathering. It's the sort of thing that normally takes a lot of planning but our author has done all that for you. All a busy parent needs to do is copy out the clues given, and dot them about the home or garden. Sally Raymond has some amusing ideas for everyone, and young children will love the search, the puzzles and even the tiniest prize.

Treasure Hunt is full of stimulating ideas for you to follow, quite simply. Just dip into the book anytime, to try a new ready-planned hunt, or find inspiration for making one of your own.

Look out for our other titles in this unique series. Each Home Time book is designed especially to inspire the busy parent. You will find that some of the books will successfully interact, like Let's Pretend and Fancy Dress and Party Games, and even Treasure Hunt. You can have fun dipping into one book, then another, for bright ideas which are all simple to prepare.

Books Detail
Book Status Looks Like New
No Of Pages 50 Pages
Book Cover Paper Back
Author Name Scott Marketing Edition
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd
Online Store Price Rs.450
ISBN-13 9781862083073

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