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The ugly duckling (First readers)

Enjoy reading these favourite fairy tales together with your child. Shareing the story and the delig..

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Five favourite bedtime tales

Hansel and gretelJack and the beanstalkThe ugly ducklingSnow white and the seven dwarfsThumbelina..

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Disney winnie-the-pooh and the blustery day

On a blustery day winnie the pooh decides to meet his friends on the hundred acres wood. When he rea..

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Disney Fairies Tink, North of Never Land

TINK AND TERENCE are best friends. But sometimes Terence, well . . . he gets on Tink's last nerve. S..

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Disney Cinderella - Read along story

This is the story of cinderella.CD not availableSee the pictures , Hear the story . Read the book..

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Disney Sleeping Beauty Read-along story

Note: CD not availableWhen princess Aurora is cursed by an evul fairy as a baby, the three good fair..

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Give me a hug

Misssy is a brave little mouse, climbing cornstalks and tickling the cat's whiskers. And she is a ha..

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Disney 101 Dalmations - The original magical story

Pongo and Perdita are very proud paretns to 15 puppies. When Cruella De vil steals the puppies to ma..

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Disney - Aladdin

Princess Jasmine must marry a prince, but when she meets a poor street urchin called Aladdin, she fa..

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The three billy goats gruff - ladybird first favourite tales

 A perfect introduction to the timeless and treasured stories , with amusing pictures and lots ..

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A boffee bear on the moon

Note: Book stitch is loose..

₹117.00 ₹29.00

My first stories for girls

Beautiful illustrations bring these 15 enchanting stories to life. Join a wonderful world of pretty ..

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Hannah Ballerina

Meet the lovable Hannah Ballerina!She is a bit clumsy but not everyone loves her..

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Disney Princess: Lovely Cinderella

Come with Cinderella as she gets ready for the royal ball with the help of a little magic and her Fa..

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Disney : Pooh tells the time

Pooh tells the time is a read with pooh book..

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Little Duck Lost

"Not knowing quite where to go , Little Duck turned away from the river and ito a tangle of tall tre..

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Little Princess (Rhyming story time fun)

Enjoy the perfect happily ever after in this pretty princess book. With a sweet, rhyming story and a..

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Hello, Little Lion! (Embossed Books)

When Big lion lies down far for an afternoon nap, little lion has other ideas!Thsi heart warming sto..

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