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Meet an endearing cast of characters in this collection of simple stories, each one just the right..

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Disney sleeping beauty

Disney sleeping beauty..

₹75.00 ₹40.00

Supermarket Zoo

very little boy knows that going shopping with Mum is the most boring thing in the world. But for li..

₹110.00 ₹99.00

The Fish Who Cried Wolf

The little fish Tiddler comes late to school every day, but always with an elaborate excuse that cha..

₹110.00 ₹30.00

Disney Pixar The World of Cars (With CD) (Disney Book & CD)

NOTE: No guarantee for CD functioningRead along to your favourite Disney stories with this enchantin..

₹184.00 ₹174.00

Disney My First Easy-to-Read Stories

Learn to read with your favourite characters.. These new stories make learning to read a confidence ..

₹396.00 ₹350.00

The fish who could wish

Deep in the ocean lives a fish whose wishes come true! But he is a rather silly fish and one day he ..

₹98.00 ₹84.00

Princess Poppy: Ballet Shoes (Princess Poppy Picture Books)

Poppy loves ballet and is sure she'll be picked to play Coppelia in the Big Show. But when her best ..

₹79.00 ₹74.00

Five Minutes' Peace

Mrs Large the elephant tries in vain to find five minutes' peace from her three lively children. Ill..

₹68.00 ₹62.00

Mrs. Pepperpot and the Hidden Treasure

Mrs Pepperpot has a problem -- poor Mrs Pepperpot has shrunk again! Puss wants to show her some trea..


Hawkbit's Discover (Watership down)

Join Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig and all their driends in these exciting new tales of friendship and braver..

₹149.00 ₹143.00

The Wolf's Story: What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood

The real story of Little Red Riding Hood – told by the Wolf himself!Recounted in the confidential, c..


The Brave Little Owl

Owls love the night-time, but one little owl just can't help being afraid of the dark. What will hap..


Wicked Witch of the West (Scary Fairy Tales)

These stories are fiendishly frightening to thrill, chill and thoroughly entertain young readers...

₹115.00 ₹107.00

I want my Light On!

"Im not so much afraid of the DARK" said the Little Princess. "Im sort of more afraid of ghosts".&nb..

₹99.00 ₹92.00