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The Great Time Warp Adventure (Penguin Children's 60s S.)

The Black Knight thundered towards us, his lance pointed directly at us.It all starts with The Book,..


The Wizard of Oz (Picture Flats Portrait)

Follow the yellow brick road to the magical, mesmerising Emerald City. Be swept away with Dorothy an..


Waiting for Santa

It's Christmas Eve. 'We've got to get ready for Santa Claus!" Bear tells his friends. While the othe..


Butterfly Fairy's Secret - Fairy Hill

Butterfly Fairy longed to spread her wings in the last of the day's sunshine. "Come on, Lazy bones!"..


Fairy Hill

Today is a special day on Fairy Hill. It is the day of the Summer Ball, when every fairy in the king..


Hangin Lil Bratz - Full Color Posters Inside

Meet the Lil' Bratz : Nazalia , Zada , Ailani, and Talia - Lil' girls with big fashion sense! Take a..


Super Babies! (Dora the Explorer)

Once upon a time there lived twin babies -- a boy and a girl. They were Super Babies! One day, Swipe..


Seaside Scientist: Seaside Scientist (One Shot)

Everyone loves to be beside the seaside! There's so much to see, to do - and to learn! so why not be..


Harina and the Doctor Bird (Tales of Harina)

Harina comes home from school very excited about the passport game she was playing. She finds Mummy ..


The House Cat

Tom Cat is disturbed when he is moved along with the family that lived in half of his two-family hom..


Miss Rumphius

A beloved classic is lovelier than ever!Barbara Cooney's story of Alice Rumphius, who longed to trav..


Amazing 3D Magic

Amazing puzzles confounding conundrums bewildering posers bamboozling befunddling enigmas perplexing..


Mr. Topsy-turvy (Mr. Men and Little Miss)

He's one wacky guy! He sees things a little differently from everyone else-backwards!..


The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse: A Folktale from Africa

The country mouse is visiting his friend in the big city to see how extravagant life can be. For the..


Tikki Tikki Tembo

Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo!Three decades and more than one millio..


Let's Read! Wendel's Workshop

Wendel is far too busy inventing things to tidy up. But then he creates the Wendelbot - a magnificen..


Curious George Visits a Toy Store

A new toy store is opening and George can’t wait. Once George gets inside, the owner thinks his anti..

When the Dragons Came Out Of Stock

When the Dragons Came

When a family-load of boisterous, bumbling dragons burst into peaceful Poppledown Town, there's sure..


Dora's World Adventure!

Dora and her friends are getting ready to celebrate Friendship Day, when they realize that all of th..

Fifi and the Flowertots – Smelly Slugsy -7%

Fifi and the Flowertots – Smelly Slugsy

There’s a very special place called Flowertot Garden and it’s home to Fifi and all of her Flowertot ..

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