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Under the Eagle

During the first Roman invasion of Britain, a group of legionaries lose the army's pay chest in..


A Mother's Hope

Along a blacked-out wartime street a girl is scurrying, a basket on one arm. As the sirens begin and..


Emperor: The Death of Kings (Emperor Series Book 2)

The ultimate Rome storyThe young Julius Caesar is serving on board a war galley, gaining a fearsome ..


Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow

She thinks more highly of snow and ice than she does of love.  She lives in a world of num..


Fire in the East (Warrior of Rome #1)

'WAR IS HELL . . . 'The year is AD 255 - the Roman Imperium is stretched to breaking point, its auth..


The Paper Eater

Meet Hannah Park, slave to the democracy machine, and Harvey Kidd, the man the system spat out. Atla..


The Morland Dynasty 33: The Dancing Years

1919. As the euphoria of the Armistice fades, the nation counts the cost: millions dead or disabled,..


My Dear I Wanted To Tell You (My Dear I Wanted to Tell You #1)

While Riley Purefoy and Peter Locke fight for their country, their survival and their sanity in the ..


A Broken Land (Roads to War #2)

1936. Having returned from Abyssinia, soldier of fortune Cal Jardine is convinced to travel to Barce..


The Last Fighting Tommy: The Life of Harry Patch, the Only Surviving Veteran of the Trenches

'The Last Fighting Tommy' tells the extraordinary and moving story of a man whose life has spanned s..


A Christmas Promise (Article Row #5)

An emotional and heart-warming portrayal of the lives of four women living in wartime London.For the..


Radio Girls

The Great War is over, and change is in the air, in this novel that brings to life the exciting days..


Under Enemy Colours: Charles Hayden Book 1 (Adventures of Charles Hayden #1)

1793: the thunder of cannon fire echoes across the English Channel, chilling the stoutest heart..


Strike Back (Strike Back #1)

Two soldiers: Britain's most celebrated military hero and a broken veteran living in the gutters of ..


War Horse

The book that inspired Steven Spielberg's Hollywood blockbuster movie and an internationally acclaim..


Upon Dark Waters

If UNDER AN ENGLISH HEAVEN was the story of an aircraft, UPON DARK WATERS is that of a ship - and in..


Spartacus: The Gladiator

The first of two epic novels which tell the story of one of the most charismatic heroes history has ..


Servant of the Empire (The Empire Trilogy #2)

PLAY THE GAMEMara of Acoma, Ruling Lady of her house, is a force to be reckoned with when playing th..


Child of Vengeance

His name was Bennosuke, son of the great Munisai Shinmen, known throughout the empire as one of the ..



America's deadliest submarine has fallen into enemy hands... The hunt is on.It is America's mos..