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The Client New Arrival

The Client

An eleven-year-old has discovered a secret that not even an adult should know.A US State Senator is ..


Atlantis Found New Arrival

Atlantis Found

Dirk Pitt discovers Atlantis, in a breathtaking novel from the grand master of adventure fiction.Cli..


A Time to Kill (Jake Brigance #1) New Arrival

A Time to Kill (Jake Brigance #1)

When Carl Lee Hailey guns down the monsters who have raped his ten-year-old child, the people of Cla..


The Templar Heresy (Chris Bronson #7)

Chris Bronson is back and he's yet again found himself on a treacherous mission with his life in dan..


The River King

For more than a century, the small town of Haddan, Massachusetts, has been divided, as if by a line ..


Red Alert

Margaret Thomson Davis' novel tells the story of the Price family and is set in a Glasgow fire stati..


The Way You Look Tonight

Not until she was 16 did Stella Arnold learn the full truth about her father, how handsome, charming..


Cause Of Death (Kay Scarpetta #7)

An investigative reporter is found dead in Virginia's icy waters...New Year's Eve and the final murd..


Tears of the Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #2)

"This is a superior piece of detective fiction, written in simple, direct but effective prose. Perha..



Steeplechase jockey Derek Franklin has had more broken bones than he cares to count, but it seems hi..


Night Probe! (Dirk Pitt #6)

In the midst of an international crisis, Heidi Milligan, a beautiful, brilliant American naval comma..


Child 44 (Leo Demidov #1)

In Stalin’s Soviet Union, crime does not exist. But still millions live in fear. The mere suspicion ..


Cold Killing (DI Sean Corrigan #1)

Terrifyingly authentic, London-set debut crime novel with a psychological edge, by an ex-Met detecti..


The House of Silk (Sherlock Holmes #1)

THE GAME'S AFOOT...It is November 1890 and London is gripped by a merciless winter. Sherlock Holmes ..


The Darkest Secret

Apologies for the general email, but I desperately need your help.My goddaughter, Coco Jackson, disa..



She was a daughter, a wife, a mother. She was my friend. But what secrets did Eloise take to her gra..