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Shadow Souls (The Vampire Diaries: The Return #2)

Elena Gilbert is once again at the centre of magic and danger beyond her imagining. And once more, S..

₹99.00 ₹89.00

Book of the Dead (Angel: Season 4-5 #7)

Wes has been a compulsive reader since childhood. It's an addiction like any other -- he craves book..

₹59.00 ₹53.00

The Little Stranger

The Little Stranger follows the strange adventures of Dr. Faraday, the son of a maid who has bu..

₹129.00 ₹116.00

The Fury and Dark Reunion (The Vampire Diaries #3-4)

A phenomenally popular vampire romance sequence - now showing on ITV2 - from the best selling author..

₹89.00 ₹80.00

Nightfall (The Vampire Diaries: The Return #1)

Elena Gilbert is alive--again.When Elena sacrificed herself to save the two vampire brothers who lov..

₹95.00 ₹86.00

Midnight (The Vampire Diaries: The Return #3)

In Midnight, golden girl Elena Gilbert is back from the Dark Dimension, but has she managed to save ..

₹99.00 ₹89.00

Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #3)

Sookie Stackhouse always found it difficult to date - she's cute, but not many guys are comfortable ..

₹85.00 ₹77.00

The Pleasures of Men

Kate Williams' first novel, The Pleasures of Men, is a gothic thriller with a splash of brutal ..

₹89.00 ₹80.00

Midnight Alley (The Morganville Vampires #3)

When Claire Danvers learned that her college town was run by vampires, she did what any intelligent,..

₹85.00 ₹77.00

High Noon

When Police Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara is grabbed by a man who throws a hood over her head and brut..

₹99.00 ₹89.00

Evil Star (The Gatekeepers #2)

It began with Raven’s Gate.But it’s not over yet.Once again the enemy is stirring.After defeati..

₹99.00 ₹89.00

Black House (The Talisman #2)

Jack Sawyer is a retired Los Angeles homicide detective living in the small hamlet of Tamarak, Wisco..

₹290.00 ₹232.00

The Host (The Host #1)

Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that takes over the mi..

₹129.00 ₹116.00

The Hanging Garden (Inspector Rebus #9)

Drugs. Extortion. Slavery. Organized crime is fighting for a hold on John Rebus’s peaceful Scotland...

₹79.00 ₹71.00

Night World, No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder (Night World #1-3)

In Secret Vampire, Poppy thought the summer would last forever. Then she was diagnosed with ter..

₹125.00 ₹113.00

Kiss of Life (Generation Dead #2)

When Phoebe's best friend Adam takes a bullet for her, it proves everyone right - Adam is in love wi..

₹87.00 ₹78.00


Something is terribly wrong in Desperation, Nevada -- a small mining town just off Route 50 with a p..

₹119.00 ₹107.00

The Servants of Twilight

To his mother, Joey seems an ordinary six-year-old boy - special to her, but to no one else. To the ..

₹35.00 ₹32.00

The Queen of the Damned (The Vampire Chronicles No 3)

"A welcome chance to catch up with old friends...Fascinating...When we emerge from its folds, there'..

₹125.00 ₹80.00

New Moon

For Bella Swan, there is one thing more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love..

₹130.00 ₹117.00