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Hotel Vendome

When Swiss-born Hugues Martin sees a small, run-down hotel in New York for the rough diamond it is, ..


The Other Family

Chrissie, in the twenty-three years she'd been together with Richie, had always believed that he lov..


Lesser Evil

When Fifi moves to London with her bricklayer boyfriend Dan, her mother is outraged. Despite initi..


Amazing Grace

On a warm May night in San Francisco, a glittering, celebrity-studded crowd gathers for a charity ev..


Long Lost

Myron is summoned to Paris at the behest of an old lover, Terese. She is in unspecified trouble and ..


The Potter’s House

From the bestselling author of The Kashmir Shawl.Olivia Giorgiadis has left her English roots behind..


The Water-Method Man

Fred 'Bogus' Trumper is a wayward knight-errant in the battle of the sexes and the pursuit of happin..


The Behaviour Of Moths

From her lookout on the first floor, Ginny watches and waits for her younger sister to return to the..


A Widow For One Year

'One night when she was four and sleeping in the bottom bunk of her bunk bed, Ruth Cole awoke to the..


The Crying Tree

Irene Stanley thought her world had come to an end when her 15-year-old son, Shep, was murdered in a..



A novel featuring two married couples whose lives become intertwined during World War II. Armand, wh..


Astonishing Splashes of Colour

When is the right time to tell someone they're not who they think they are?andlt;/Bandgt;Caught in a..


The Wheel of Fortune

"Take me back to Oxmoon, the lost paradise of our childhood. Take me back to Oxmoon and make it live..


Golden Age (Last Hundred Years: A Family Saga #3)

From the Pulitzer Prize-winner: the much-anticipated final volume of her magnificent, best-selling A..


Beyond the Veil of Tears

An only child, 15-year-old Angeline Stewart is heartbroken when her beloved parents are killed in a ..


Dangerous: Risky Business / The Welcoming

Risky Business (1986)She was a maddening combination of mystery and innocence. But Liz was the ..