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The Creepy Crawlies are four best friends - Lucy the Ladybird, Doug the Slug, Billy the Beetle and I..


An Expotition to the North Pole (Winnie-the-Pooh story books)

Pooh has never been on an "expotition" before, and he is not sure if bears are any good at discoveri..


Cowboy Jess Saddles Up

Jess Ford is a foundling whose dream of becoming a cowboy is realized when he gets a job at the Lazy..


Heidi: What Katy Did at School

A selection of finest books for children, recommended by experts ..


Life of Pi

Winner of the Booker Prize, Yann Martel's fantasy adventure, Life Of Pi, has now been adapted i..


Football Fever

William has caught football fever. His symptoms are so severe that his sister's afraid there's no cu..



A school trip goes disastrously wrong when a visit to local caves turns into something far more sini..


Fearless: Double Edition #4: Twisted (#4) & Chase (Fearless #4 & 28)

It all began in a funky brownstone on Perry Street where Gaia Moore lived with her foster family. Bu..


SilverFin (Young Bond #1)

Before the name became a legend. Before the boy became the man. Meet Bond. James Bond.There’s someth..


Seizure (Virals #2)

A 300-year-old legendRumour has it that notorious pirate Anne Bonny hid her treasure somewhere in Ch..


Happy Birthday Josh! (Joshua Jones Picture Storybooks) -10%

Happy Birthday Josh! (Joshua Jones Picture Storybooks)

"Joshua Jones" is a character-based series written to coincide with a BBC TV programme of the same n..

Rs.59.00 Rs.53.00

BBC cartoon combo -11%

BBC cartoon combo

Iggle piggleMakka pakkaNinky nonk and pinky ponk..

Rs.56.00 Rs.50.00

Action and adventure combo -10%

Action and adventure combo

Asaji ventressAhsoka tanoCad baneToby lord of the seaNick lord of the earth..

Rs.98.00 Rs.88.00