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Usborne Beginners: London

How did London become the big. bustling city it is today? Inside this book you will find about River..


Under the Sea (Usborne Beginners)

This series aims to encourage children to access the wonder of the world around them. The books have..

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Trees (Usborne First Nature)

Beautifully detailed, informative illustrations introduce the world of nature-- Simple text encourag..



story of a tortoise..

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The Story Of London

Intended as a useful resource for school children and for those visiting London this book features t..


The silent field

When buildres invade faruthing wood, the animals leave their homes to find safety. With fox as their..

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Snakes (Internet-linked "Discovery" Programme)

Did you know that a King Cobra's bite contains enough poison to kill 20 people? This text includes m..

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The ultimate in-your-face encoutner with nature's deadliest killersNote: 3D glass not available..

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My Best Book of Mummies

Illustrated throughout, My Best Book of Mumm ies invites you to unwrap the bandages and take a thril..

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Look into Their Eyes

Tiger, gorilla, panda, orca, eagle, orangutan.Look through the peephoels that are their eyes and see..

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Ladybird Minis Mad About Sharks

Mad About Sharks, from Ladybird, is full of shark facts! Are you mad about sharks? From fins and tee..

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Ladybird Mini Mad About Castles And Knights

Are you mad about all things medieval? From dungeons and drawbridges to jesters and jousting, the wo..


Jungle Explorer

Journey into the amazon rainforest and explore each layer of the largest jungle on the earth. As you..


I Wonder Why Triceratops Had Horns

Designed to amuse and intrigue the young reader, this book combines cartoons with facts and simple a..


I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other Questions About Space

Why do stars twinkle? What are stars made of? What is a red giant? How hot is the sun? Answer all th..


How Things Began (Children's World)

Highly original books answer young children's questions about the world around them-- Exciting full ..

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