Tom Sharpe

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Grantchester Grind

Though as cunning as ever, the formidable Skullion - previously head porter, now elevated to Master ..


Wilt On High

It’s high jinx when Wilt’s old adversary Inspector Flint suspects him of somehow being involved in d..

Ancestral Vices Out Of Stock

Ancestral Vices

With his only friend a computer, Walden Yapp has lived a singular life. Professor of Demotic History..

Indecent Exposure Out Of Stock

Indecent Exposure

In Piemburgem, the deceptively peaceful-looking capital of Zululand, Kommandant van Heerden, Konstab..

The Wilt Alternative Out Of Stock

The Wilt Alternative

In this, the second in the chronicles about Henry Wilt, our hero is no longer the victim of his own ..

Wilt In Nowhere Out Of Stock

Wilt In Nowhere

When his endlessly capricious wife Eva receives plane tickets for the family to visit Auntie Joan an..