The Last Mafioso: The Treacherous World of Jimmy (the Weasel) Fratianno

The Last Mafioso: The Treacherous World of Jimmy (the Weasel) Fratianno


The night Jimmy Fratianno became a government witness, not a single Mafia boss slept. As a "made guy" in La Cosa Nostra, Jimmy Fratianno knew their best-kept secrets. A soldier, capo, and ex-boss of the Los Angeles family, involved at the highest levels with bookmaking, gambling, union racketeering, extortion, pornography, and virtually every criminal activity to which organized crime is linked, Fratianno also earned the reputation as the Mafla's top killer in California. Fratianno became the highest-ranking Mafloso ever to "turn," and in the past two years his testimony, in courtrooms across the nation, has been making sensational headlines. A veteran investigative reporter and bestselling author, Ovid Demaris had the unprecedented opportunity to debrief Fratianno in order to write this book. Demaris also had access to wiretaps, surveillance reports, prison and court records, The result is the most important work to date on organized crime in America---a disturbing, yet extraordinary and vivid life story that makes the other "insider" stories of the Mafia look like tales of innocence. The Last Mafioso details eleven murders Fratianno was personally involved in, and relates Fratianno's inside knowledge of some two dozen others, including the slayings of Bugsy Siegel, Nick DeJohn, Albert Anastasia, Jimmy Hoffa, Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, and Tamara Rand. Fratianno was a confidant of Johnny Roselli, so Demaris tells the real story of Operation Mongoose, the CIA-Mafia plot to assassinate Castro. Here also are the behind-the-scenes deals and machinations of the Mafia in Las Vegas. Fratianno's life was not spent entirely with his criminal friends, although The Last Mafioso records the secret lives of virtually all the important Mafiosi of the last thirty years. Fratianno moved perpetually in exotic circles, a man of inexhaustible energy, an ingenious schemer and scammer, an insatiable womanizer and socializer who was quick to ingratiate him-self with Mafia royalty, Hollywood celebrities, politicians, prominent lawyers, successful businessmen, and Teamster officials. In The Last Mafioso there are countless episodes with the likes of Frank Sinatra and ex-San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto.

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