Becoming the Complete Champion

Becoming the Complete Champion

Motivational speaker and author Michael J. Herman has selected the best of his nationally syndicated email column, The Motivational Minute, to inspire readers in Becoming the Complete Champion. In Becoming the Complete Champion, Herman shares with the reader his positive advice for building self confidence and achieving personal success—the essence of a champion. Each Motivational Minute in the book presents an inspirational or informative tale about the road to success. You will be inspired and often amused by the stories told. The author reminds us that "within all men and women beats the heart of the competitor...Most individuals are not able to touch the powerful part of their being. It is at first a very small, nearly imperceptible place within us. Until it sees the sunlight and is given water and attention, it stays hidden. Then it either grows like moss, or it withers on the vine and dies." Nurture your inner strength and wisdom by reading Becoming the Complete Champion.

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Book Status Good
No Of Pages 131 Pages
Book Cover Paper Back
Author Name Michael J. Herman
Publisher The Motivational Minute
Online Store Price Rs.100
ISBN-13 O516

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