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Symply Too Good to be True

Symply Too Good to Be True has sold more than 2.5 million copies in Australia by inspiring read..

₹230.00 ₹190.00

Make-up Made Easy

Barbara Daly is one of the most well-known cosmetic artists in the world. She works with all the top..

₹210.00 ₹175.00

You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again

Wild, graphic, sometimes funny, ultimately sad -- this is the book that had Hollywood hiding behind ..


Super foods

Super food is a cookery book with a difference. It explains how to use foods as medicines, so that i..

₹380.00 ₹220.00

Power Of The Plus Factor

Dr. Peale shows readers how to use the something extra that is within each of them in order to accom..


Get Size Wise: Training For Life For The Indian Woman

Whether you are a career woman, housewife, student or mother, this book will address your specific w..