Baby and child care (Dr.Spock's)

Baby and child care (Dr.Spock's)

his book is an ultimate guide to every new mother to understand the most important notifications from her child. This book lets a new mom know why and when her baby cries, what their sign language denotes and more. Not just understanding baby's model of world but this book is also helpful In creating a safer and a healthier atmosphere for your babies by being clear of the safety essentials at the nursery, is their cot safe, know when to call your paediatrician and more. Distinguished Paediatrician Robert Needleman, an expert from The Dr. Spock Company, provides all necessary information on your baby's most fundamental needs along with loads of useful tips on daily care. Features: • Helps you succeed at breastfeeding and bottle-feeding • Encourage good sleep habits, right from the start • Help you bathe, diaper, and groom your baby • Help you choose a crib, a car seat, and other essentials • Help you understand the different causes of crying • Tips on starting your baby on solid foods, and much more Benefits: Great guide to raising a healthy and well-rounded baby Suitable for age group: Parents Quantity: 1 Brand: Westland

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Book Status Good
No Of Pages 947 Pages
Author Name Dr. Benjamin Spock
Publisher Pocket Books
Online Store Price Rs.307
ISBN-10 067102194X
ISBN-13 978-0671021948

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