Albert's Special Day (AlphaPets series)

Albert's Special Day (AlphaPets series)

You and your child will enjoy reading about the AlphaPets - 26 charming A-to-Z animal friends whose exciting and humorous adventures teach gentle lessons about friendship caring, good behavior, and doing one's best.

Each lovable AlphaPet has a special personality and character trait that children can related to and learn from, From Albert the Absent-minded Alligator to Ziggy the Zippy Zebra, you'll want to collect the entire series - including Bradley the Brave Bear, Tina the Truthful Tiger, Wendy the wise woodchuck, and others.

Deloghtfully written and beautifully illustrated, the AlphaPet Library is an ideal way to reinforce values and good behavior, and to introduces youngsters to word recognition skills. Each story is filled with words and objects that begin with the letters and words.

Books Detail
Book Status Looks Like New
No Of Pages 26 Pages
Book Cover Hardcover
Author Name Ruth Lerner Perle
Publisher Grolier
Online Store Price Rs.600
ISBN-13 C2362

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