Traps Need Fresh Bait (Cool and Lam #28)

Traps Need Fresh Bait (Cool and Lam #28)

"I want to dissolve our partnership," said Donald Lam to Bertha Cool.

"What have I done now?" she protested. "God knows I've put up with your shenanigans..."
"It isn't what you've done," Lam told her, "it's what I've done."
"What have you done?"
"I've got in a jam where I'm going to lose my license."
"You sound as if you've been talking to the police."
"They've been talking with me," said Donald.
"I see," Bertha said; and then added after a moment, "I'ma cantankerous old bitch, but I don't leave a partner on a sinking ship. Now, use that noggin of yours to get this thing straightened out."

Books Detail
Book Status Readable
No Of Pages 174 Pages
Book Cover Paper Back
Author Name Erle Stanley Gardner
Publisher Pocket Books
Online Store Price Rs.350
ISBN-13 O1305

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