Defenders of Windhaven (Windhaven Saga #7)

Defenders of Windhaven (Windhaven Saga #7)

New Frontiers

Out of the ashes of the Civil War, a South rebuilds, the blue and the gray disband, the wounds of a nation begin to heal, and life begins again. But old wounds take time...and the Bouchards - their grandfather's legacy rooted deep in the South - will not be allowed to forget the age-old conflicts that separate proud men - white from black, North from South, Democrat from Republican.

While Laure and Luke Bouchard welcome a new daughter at Windhaven Plantation, and their adopted Comanche son, a lawyer, stirs up trouble by defending the oppressed free blacks, Luke's niece, Laurette Douglas, and her husband Charles, look to Texas as a new frontier in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire.

They explore Houston as a home for their new department store - and to be closer to the Bouchard clan. But the landsharks are in waiting. And Charles, a "rich sucker," is lured into a land scheme by the flim-flam men, only to be saved by good fortune. But the Douglases' tragedies are not yet over. Their young son is kidnapped by a strange hired woman, and whether they find him will depend on more than luck - this time.

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Book Status Readable
No Of Pages 448 Pages
Book Cover Paper Back
Author Name Marie de Jourlet
Publisher Pinnacle Books
Online Store Price Rs.450
ISBN-13 O1311

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